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  1. Hi- enjoyed your posts on vintage watches. If you ever feel like dipping a toe in the world of Vintage Heuer watches, please do stop by Calibre 11.

    I’ll be following you on Twitter.



  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like to introduce my new watch company Digitwatch. My name is Mo Eden and I am a Jewellery Designer based in London. I have started manufacturing this exclusive and unusual Diamond ring watch using the finest

    components. The website for the ring watch is- If you

    would like to Blog about my watch or if you would like more images or information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours faithfully

    Mo Eden

  3. Guide,

    need a recommendation for my wife: The best camera phone, with no sliding parts that can get broken by errant children. Number one priority: quality of pictures, no 2 priority: bomb proof, no.3 can make the occasional call.


    • Matthew, dear boy, the answer to your question is relatively straightforward: you should buy a Nokia N82.

      Generally acknowledged to be the best camera phone Nokia – or anyone else – has ever produced, the N82 enjoys superb optics by Carl Zeiss, a proper Xenon flash, bullet-proof construction, and the reliability (if not sexiness) of Nokia’s long-established S60 3rd Edition.

      Just Google “Nokia N82” and the superlatives will soon fill your browser. All About Symbian is a good place to start:

      And, here’s the best bit…the phone’s almost two years old so it’s a total bargain. You may still be able to find new models in shops but, if not, don’t hesitate to brave eBay, and pick yourself up a little gem.

      If you were willing to consider a slider, I would also recommend you look at the Nokia N86 8mp. It produces some amazing results. I bought one myself as a companion to my iPhone and have been really impressed with the photos.

    • P.S. I posted your question on Twitter. Many wrote back to suggest the Sony Ericsson Satio. For sure, this is a top quality camera phone but, to my mind at least, it’s not going to meet your “bomb proof” criteria. But if you’d like to consider it, check out AAS’s coverage here:

  4. So what would you advice me on? I need a full physical qwerty keyboard phone with a very good and stable Operating System for messaging, organising myself using the calender, occasionally emails and web-browsing. I need a good quality Build and a great battery life…. I have not had and used the Nokia E71, so what is boils down to is these devices that I have in mind…… Nokia E72, Nokia E71 or The New Blackberry Bold 9700???

    Please, I would be very grateful if you have any suggestions or word of advice for me on a smart-phone device to get….. I am waiting very urgently for your reply. Thanks a lot in advance…..

  5. Oh Prodigal Fool – please can you ping me your e-mail so that I may contact you with some luxury auto info? Thank you. Tom.


  6. matthew

    28 June, 2010

    I need a portale media player, that will play everything under the sun. It has to be robust (see my previous posting re. children). It has to have a great battery life, and I mean great – anything less than 8 hours of video is a no go. Lots of Hong Kong – UK – Hong Kong flights, and a drive down from south of England to the south of France.

    If it could have 2 headphone jacks, then all the better.

    And I guess using standard AA or AAA batteries would be even better – no need to worry about shutting down during that all important Ben 10 episode.

    Know ye of such a thing?

  7. Sorry if I use this for my request: I have just posted a comment on the thread on the JLC Master Grande Ultra Thin. Would you mind to remove my last name from the comment? I accidentally left it in the comment. If this is not possible, feel free to delete the comment and I will repost it. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi,

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  9. Christopher

    5 October, 2010

    Friends… Romans… long time lurker, first time poster
    1st off kudos on a most excellent and entertaining blog on all things luxurious and whimsical! The writing style and witty banter is top shelf.. needless to say I’m a fan.

    As one who has recently caught the watch bug, relatively speaking, I was curious as to whether there were opinions swirling around the tribe regarding watch winders. Pros? Cons? Brands? Opinions for or against, etc?
    Keep up the good work.
    Ciao from Pittsburgh


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